Limit Creek Fishing Rods
Strong. Light. Dependable.

Limit Creek rods have the perfect balance between power and action. These extremely sensitive rods are designed for solid hook sets with an action to keep the hook firmly held. This characteristic of balance ensures you will feel your bite, drive the hook home, and instills confidence when fighting the fish of a lifetime.

Turk’s Column

Summer is here and summer is gone. Fall is here and the fall is gone

Now it is time for my guide service to look to the Mississippi River from Prescott, WI all the way down south to the Iowa border where it is open year round for walleye and sauger fishing. In other words the season for walleye never ends here on the mighty Miss! Once the weather breaks and gets in the high 20′s, 30′s, I conduct guide trips down on the Mississippi.

Generally speaking there are windows to do this in January and February.  The fishing can be fantastic, we fish light lines on Limit Creek medium and medium light rods mainly employing jigs and plastics and/or minnows.  The fish are delicious from the frigid waters, and consumption advisory differ little from the rest of the Minnesota inland waters.

This open water bite for good numbers of 1 to 3 pound walleye and sauger during the height of winter is a fun adventure for those never experiencing it, and treat to return to for those that have.

My guide service uses these highly specialized river rigs for walleye on the Mississippi:

Vertical jig with bait

mostly fatheads

Vertical jig with plastics (

such as ringworms, paddle tails, fork tail, etc.

Dubuque rig vertical jigged

This rig is a walleye slayer with both a jig and a long leader to a plain hook, here we use a combo of plastics and bait or both bait or both plastics.

Drag the above three presentations upstream or downstream

Dragging is absolutely deadly and it is one of my best presentations I employ in my guide boat to put customers on fish

Troll floating Rapalas on a 3-way rig

This set up is normally later in late winter early spring such as  March. This trolling is best when the current starts to flow fast again and water tmps rise.  The fish fight like whales against the flow here and it is a blast to get them the net.

Pitch (cast) Jigs with plastics

Lunker sized fish tactic. 8, 9, and 10+ pound fish are caught this way

Pitch blade baits

Lunker sized fish tactic. 8, 9, and 10+ pound fish are caught this way

Heavy nets to all!!

‘Charlie “Turk” Gierke


The good old days are now on the St. Crix River May 2014.

The good old days are now on the St. Croix River May 2014, it has good fish and it is a place to unwind and breath.