Guide Rates

Full day (minimum of 8 hours)
$425.00 1 for 2
$475.00 for 3
$525.00 for 4

Half day (minimum of 4.5 hours)
$325.00 1 for 2
$375.00 for 3
$400.00 for 4

Groups of four or more require the services of an additional guide.
Please contact me to make these arrangements


It’s YOUR trip! The St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers are fantastic fisheries blessed with great walleye, smallmouth bass, muskie, and sturgeon populations. Walleye is the specie most requested, but if you want to fish for any of these mentioned gamefish, it’s your trip you’ll do it. Check out the photos on this site, we catch them! Just discuss specifics while booking the trip, and your needs will be accommodated. Croixsippi welcomes the opportunity to guide anglers of all skill levels, especially novices, it is enjoyable to watch wives out fish their husbands or sons out catch their dads! Get the net!

George Mostis with a 29 inch St Croix River walleye

Elizabeth with walleye lineup

Young anglers are are welcome!

A Croixsippi guided fishing trip includes:

Turk Gierke as your guide and other guides on large parties

An expert guide will work hard to put you on the fish
• Professional guide boat and motor
• Gas and oil
• Rods and reels
• Tackle and lures
• Bait
• Life jackets (you can also bring your own)
• We will take a snap shot of your catch for you
• A reel good time!

You Bring:

Lunch, drinks, sunscreen and a valid license… to be legal you need a Minnesota license if you are a Minnesota resident. Wisconsin license if you are a Wisconsin resident. Non-resident license if you are a resident of another state.