Limit Creek Fishing Rods
Strong. Light. Dependable.

Limit Creek rods have the perfect balance between power and action. These extremely sensitive rods are designed for solid hook sets with an action to keep the hook firmly held. This characteristic of balance ensures you will feel your bite, drive the hook home, and instills confidence when fighting the fish of a lifetime.

Dave caught this lunker near Red Wing, MN. This big fish was hooked when it struck a fathead minnow for bait. Nice Fish Dave!


Turk’s Column
NEW – Locating walleye in high water.
Part three of walleye depth location based on light and water clarity. This article presents key fundamental principles in fish location.
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Tip of the Week
If you can’t fish the right water then all the lures in all the colors that Cabelas sells wouldn’t help a guy out. Learn to…. Read More

Larger plastic tails such as the ones found on Ringers, Moxi’s, or Puls-Rs .
Hair jigs add color and bulk and excel.If you are looking for a great fishing rod at a good price, check out  “The Smoothie”. Since 2004, The “Smoothie” has proven to be sensitive enough for walleye and crappie bites, and tough enough to battle smallmouth bass!
Fishing Reports
04/19/21  Happy Easter! Saugers was the name of the game last week, walleyes were scarce.  River crested. Water temp dropped to 39 will be mid 40′s in five days. Post spawn stage for walleye Read Full Report
04/14/14 The river will crest this wednesday and the flow is coming through the lock and Dam system pretty strong.  Walleye still biting on jigs with plastics and minnows.
4/9/14 Water temp went up very fast and is now 42 to 43 in the main channel. Tougher bite today lots of pick ups and drops, got seven keepers though.