Limit Creek Fishing Rods
Strong. Light. Dependable.

Limit Creek rods have the perfect balance between power and action. These extremely sensitive rods are designed for solid hook sets with an action to keep the hook firmly held. This characteristic of balance ensures you will feel your bite, drive the hook home, and instills confidence when fighting the fish of a lifetime.

St. Croix River walleye!June 2015

St. Croix River walleye!
June 2015

Turk’s Column
Rigging leeches on a jig
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Tip of the Week
If your crankbait is out of tune – its effectiveness at catching fish is diminished… Read Tip
 Smallmouth bass are picky when it comes to lures colors..
Leeches can and will revolt!
Fishing Reports
 Late June is a great time to take walleyes on cranks and spinners Read Report
06/08/15 Walleyes being caught on leeches and crawlers.  Smallies on soft plastics
05/26/15 There is a good walleye bite on live bait. Bass season is open!